Pastor Lindsey Williams – ON COAST TO COAST AM with George Noory – 24th January 2018 – 10pm to midnight PST!


with George Noory

Wednesday 24th January 2018
10pm to midnight PST




6 Responses to “Pastor Lindsey Williams – ON COAST TO COAST AM with George Noory – 24th January 2018 – 10pm to midnight PST!”

  1. RT says:

    Did LW say how high the stock market may go? I I heard him say once 35 to 40,000. If that is the case and Trump is reelected that is only about 2000 point per year or about 6% per year over 7 years. Good yes, but hardly a panic up. Am i wrong about this?

  2. Dick B says:

    I enjoy the presentation that George Noory brings forward. [ he misuses the word ‘safe’ all the time. It is not an action word, it is a noun. He should say ‘be careful’!] You have an interesting perspective on things. You did say you didn’t sell anything but I see on your site most is for sale – not necessarily a bad thing. But,I ain’t buying. Keep the faith.

    (James Harkin: I operate the website on behalf of Pastor Williams, I promote certain products to visitors in order to help recoup costs of running this website. Pastor Williams only income from DVD purchases and Amazon Kindle book sales only.)

  3. Duane Bauer says:

    I apologize for writing to you but when you were on coasttocoastam with George Noory just as you were being introduced the station cutout for breaking news of the death of a deputy. I realize how important that is but I missed some important information that I do not believe was mentioned again.
    Do you have a written transcript of what was said? I would greatly appreciate a copy of it. Can you help me?
    Duane Bauer

    (James Harkin: Please contact Coast To Coast AM for information relating to the show. We do not transcribe radio shows.)

  4. Radu says:

    I read your blog evervnow and then but cannot fail to notice how nobody can put things together yet, so i decided to write you a short email, maybe someone will pay attention …
    I conduct my activity on Facebook, so you can find more details there …
    I recently warned (Jan 18th)) toatch the US political circus over the next few weeks … the next possible government shutdown (8th of feb) may become permanent this time …
    So much for Trump’s ambitious “recovery” plans. Bond markets have started to crash. I wonder who is going to be willing to finance his spending binge (the trillion dollar infrastructure plan) and rising deficits (due to tax cuts), and at what cost?
    All at a time when the US political crisis tsunami is building up ready to hit the mainland … US is going to soon be engulfed in the biggest political scandal of modern history. Can you see it coming? Just look at the page titles …
    I believe that under the “dollar repatriation” and “rebuild america” slogans hides something far more sinister. Everyone thinks Trump is encouraging dollars to come back to the US to help “rebuild” America as part of his “America first” agenda. Well, i believe this has more to do with a “negociated deal” that the US assures China’s a clean exit out of the US dollars, while the dollar is strong …
    Everything, the stock market surge, the tax cuts, everything fits in this context …
    Here is how it all works, the stock market goes to record highs, dollars is held relatively strong (using this scheme), those in the know sell stock (while the dumbed down masses buy) and then they buy gold/silver on COMEX. Then they transfer it out of USA through EFPs (i wrote about them in recent posts).

    • Catherine says:

      Radu, you are absolutely right. Kissinger is a good friend of Trump and Kissinger is one of the Heads of the NWO. COuld be that Trump is a big deception? that all this, is a game? could be that the Elite is lying to Lindsey?

      • Radu says:

        I don’t belive the elite is lying to him, but he is not told the whole truth. They told him that “when Trump is out” things will happen. I believe in the DVD it says that you have to “watch” and kind of “guess” when trump is out to be able to exit the market in time. To me it sounds like he may be out on short notice (and not through normal elections cycle).

        The Trump rally will continue as the elite are exiting the system. Once Trump is out, it will all be coming crashing down. The Trump exit will be so that people will think that the elite forced him out and that is what will have caused everything to collapse, but it is a staged plan. I wish people hear what i am saying. Then everything goes to dust and the great collapse occurs. People will start a revolution seeing Trump is gone and times will be horrific. Trump will exit at a time people expect it the least and it will be a total surprise. It will come out of nowhere. They will see in Trump’s fall the end of their dreams of prosperity and the end of their hope.

        People are being set up. The elite as we speak are exiting the system under the mask of “make America great again”. When that is complete, they will allow the system to collapse.


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