Lindsey Williams - The Next 4 Years & How To Survive The Next Four Years DVD Set

 The Next Four Years
& How to Survive the Next Four Years
DVD Set!

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Released on December 14th.

 After the election, I contacted my Elite friend and asked the question, “What can we expect for the next four years?” The information I received was so startling that the only way I can explain it is to say – “The most startling thing anyone has ever heard since the founding of the United States.

I did not feel free to give what I knew on a radio show until it was recorded first. Two DVD series have been produced since the election.

#1 series “The Next Four Years” It took three hours and twenty nine minutes to explain the information I had received. It would not be right to leave people without an answer as to what they can do, therefore, a second DVD series was produced.

#2 series “How to Survive the Next Four Years” – Two Hours and fifty minutes of DVD viewing.

Lindsey Williams

Author of The Energy Non-Crisis

Set Includes both “The Next Four Years” and “How to Survive the Next Four Years”
Total running time: 6 1/2 hours (titles not available separately)

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  1. Bill says:

    Pastor I wonder what will the effect the North Korean “threat” will
    be. Will they carry out with their threats? Also I have been in touch with Tom Flyer and will be working with some of his suggestions. I have been thinking about his strategies over the years and find his ideas refreshing.


  2. Chris M. says:

    Q. Why are the financial recommendations on this DVD set completely contrary to what you’re shared on “Secrets of the Elite”??

    You mention several times that the money of the Elite is Gold & Silver, and also go into this in-depth, but hardly mention it at all in the “How to survive the Next 4 years” DVD set.

    Also, you’ve mentioned several times over the years & on your DVDs that “If it’s written on a piece of paper, it’s worth the paper it’s written on”, but yet you’ve allowed these “Wall Street” analysts push paper assets as their strategy rather than ANY tangible assets whether it’s precious metals, land, homes, oil fields…etc. And hardly a single thing about Gold & Silver, like the depth you covered in “Secrets of the Elite”.

    Highly disappointed in the “How to survive the Next 4 years” for that reason, and because these two people were too vague to add any real value at all. Looked more like an infomercial for their business rather than anything else. Sorry, but it was a disservice compared to your previous works. Pastor, you have always been quite clear and direct when you’ve spoken in the past & on your DVDs. However these “advisors” seemed more interested in building their business than actually helping the common person as you have. Actually hurts writing you this, Pastor Williams.

    Luckily, I took YOUR advice about getting out of paper assets before the 2008 hit to Wall Street where paper assets, and physical metals too, took a severe hit. I thought long and hard about what you’ve shared with us when you’ve said,”If it’s written on a piece of paper, it’s worth the paper it’s written on” which also translated in the rigged stock market which is paper-based. I was spared the 30%+ loss most took because of that. I then bought back in when pessimism was at it’s greatest, and doubled my money in “paper assets” before pulling out again. On the physical precious metals side, I didn’t sell at all, but backed up the truck and bought tons more. So what these advisors are doing is really promoting ways that’ll line up their pockets rather than actually help us, as you have.

    Please reconsider re-filming “How to survive the Next 4 years” with people who know what the Elite are doing with their money, rather than pushing “paper assets” that will get slaughtered. Also, knowing the just how destructive the Derivative market is, it will directly affect ALL paper assets in Wall Street, which made me scratch my head why you didn’t step in, my brother.

    God bless you, Pastor Williams.

  3. geoffrey franklin says:

    Lindsey the vid where you introduced John Quade at an expo is quite memorable. But if the chemtrails are not stopped forthwith there will be no one alive in four years. Dane Wigington from will be one coasttocoastam tonight March 13. See the vid on youtube THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC FOR 2013.


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