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Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – May 2013

Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – May 2013

Lindsey Williams on the Vinny Eastwood Show speaking with Vinny Eastwood in May 2013. Pastor Williams discusses the latest information from his elite friend. The New World Order is in it's final formation and the Elite are working toward a date for the collapse of ALL currencies. Events SIMILAR to Cyprus are planned for nation after nation. Pastor Williams' Elite friend gave him numerous personal warnings concerning his own family.

Pastor Williams also discusses his new DVD “New Signs Of The Elite“, available for 70% off!

He also discusses the recent lowering of the gold and other commodities markets. Check out this exclusive article.

The The Vinny Eastwood Show website.

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Lindsey Williams' DVDs


One Response to “Lindsey Williams – Vinny Eastwood Show – May 2013”

  1. Greg Smith says:

    Dear Pastor Williams,

    Would you please list all the supplements (such as ProArgi9+)
    that you recommend we have in our medicine chest. We need all the information and life saving items we might need
    in the future.

    A good book or two on self doctoring would be a good item.

    A list of all of them could be placed on your webpage. e.g. Health

    P.S. I was pleased to hear you think America may well remain free of the NWO. Let us pray that all freedom lovers work together.


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