Lindsey Williams – Time Out Productions – January 2013

Lindsey Williams – Time Out Productions – January 2013

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Lindsey Williams on Time Out Productions speaking with Kevin Gallagher in January 2013. Pastor Williams discusses the latest information about the elite's plan for global domination, the 10 points his elite contact has shared with him and his new 2 DVD set “The Next 4 Years” and “How to Survive the Next Four Years”.

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4 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – Time Out Productions – January 2013”

  1. Tordan says:

    40 (+45) billion per month indefinitely.

  2. P.A.D. says:

    Stop “hating” on Lindsey Williams. Just make sure you know who his God (Jesus) is. John 3:16

  3. steve says:

    sorry 40 billion is not 3% of 200 trillion.

  4. steve says:

    Need more info!
    How does he get a 3% devaluation for a 40 billion dollar buyout of mortgages?
    I heard the total value of american dollars in the world is 200 trillion.
    $0 billion is not 3 %.
    So I don’t follow the math.
    Correct me if I am wrong


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