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Lindsey Williams – The Middle East – The Rest of the Story…

Pastor Williams emailed me today to remind everyone that he created a DVD regarding what is happening in the Middle East right now. The plan has been set in action for many years. This is what Pastor Williams sent me…

Two years ago my Elite friend told me what will happen in the Middle East and with Syria. I recorded it on a DVD entitled “The Middle East – The Rest of the Story”.

Lindsey Williams - Middle East The Rest Of The Story

Lindsey Williams – The Middle East – The Rest Of The Story…

If you do not have this DVD, please order it – It is still available.

Retired General Wesley Clark was told this three years ago. Please check out the following video:

Here is a transcript of what General Wesley Clark said:

Because I had been through the Pentagon right after 9/11. About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in. He said, “Sir, you've got to come in and talk to me a second.” I said, “Well, you're too busy.” He said, “No, no.” He says, “We've made the decision we're going to war with Iraq.” This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, “We're going to war with Iraq? Why?” He said, “I don't know.” He said, “I guess they don't know what else to do.” So I said, “Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?” He said, “No, no.” He says, “There's nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess it's like we don't know what to do about terrorists, but we've got a good military and we can take down governments.” And he said, “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.”

So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it's worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defence's office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don't show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn't show you that memo! I didn't show it to you!”

All of this HAS BEEN PLANNED FOR YEARS! It is nothing new. Saudi Arabia will be next. If you wish to know what will happen in the Middle East order “The Middle East – The Rest of the Story”.



5 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – The Middle East – The Rest of the Story…”

  1. Anna8 says:

    I want to know why do we have to purchase a DVD to tell us when the collapse is going to happen,as a christian, I would broadcast it in order to help others not for me to gain and he will gain from selling the DVD.

  2. HolyWarrior says:

    We still have too many middle eastern nations that have to fall first. We are’nt as close as it seems. Besides, LW still is in the making of his september DVD. He won’t release anymore info till this is out to purchase. I’m sure the DVD’s are his only source of income. That’s why he is’nt on any shows right now. We have to respect that.

    In my opinion he does not as yet know a date. Maybe some type of narrowing down on what season or group of months. Maybe not even that. Possibly just a clue to watch for such as when all the middle eastern nations finally fall. Remember, he declared that Saudi Arabis is suppose to be the last to fall.

    Save food, essentials, ammo and silver! Every day we have to save is another day to prepare.
    One day at a time.

    Pray to our Lord to guide you and provide.

  3. Michael says:

    I am waiting for lindsey Williams comments soon, as you see Syria attack is taking place soon.What’s going to take place is it going to be a WWW III

    • Johnny says:

      Yeah… LW is stalling for some reason… maybe he’s been told to stall by the people above him?

      If Syria kicks off properly surely that will be the collapse for sure? And if Syria is really such a close thing right now, why is LW stalling? Are we close to collapse or not?

      Something doesn’t add up.

      • Limo says:

        I think people are beginning to waking up en masse to the lies being pulled over and over again, and that’s a very, very good thing.


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