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Lindsey Williams – Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez – K-Talk – Mills Crenshaw – February 2014

Lindsey Williams – Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez – K-Talk – Mills Crenshaw – February 2014

Pastor Lindsey Williams & Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez on K-Talk speaking with Mills Crenshaw on February 19th, 2014.

In the remaining part of the show Pastor Lindsey Williams talks about the total financial collapse and a change of currencies that may occur within one to one and a half years. He says that the Euro may collapse before the US dollar. He also talks about the events prior to collapse, including the confiscation of 30-50% of all pension funds and the global currency reset where the dollar could be reset at 30-50% less than the rest price of other currencies. Pastor Williams also talks about the price of gold and silver increasing and that there will be no control on gold or silver during or after collapse since gold and silver are the currency of the Elite. He also says the federal reserve note is not a store of wealth but a loss of wealth. Pastor Williams also says you still have time to get out of paper and into precious metals and to do so now rather than later. He says prepare and “Do It Now!” Lindsey Williams also says not to hesitate with dates, things can happen at any time and to get what you need now without delay. Pastor Williams also takes calls.

The three DVDs Pastor Williams has talked about in this show are:

“Healing The Elite Way” it is available to order today. More information here: “Healing The Elite Way

“Elite Emergency Date” it is available to order today. More information here: “Elite Emergency Data

“Global Currency Reset” it is also available to order today. More information here: “Global Currency Reset

There is a 100 page guide called “10 Steps To Avoid The Crash” that may also help you prepare for the coming global collapse. It outlines what is currently happening and what you can do to protect yourself. It is totally free and available to download and share with as many people as you can here: “10 Steps To Avoid The Crash!

Mills Crenshaw's show on K-Talk can be listened to at the K-Talk website.

Find out more about Lindsey Williams' DVDs
Lindsey Williams' DVDs


7 Responses to “Lindsey Williams – Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez – K-Talk – Mills Crenshaw – February 2014”

  1. Diane Willis says:

    Is it a good idea to buy the “Grains” given on the DVD with Tom Fyler? Please get back to me about this company Diane…..I don’t think I ever asked this question before…If I did, blame it on the smart meters which I just took out of my house…..

  2. ??? says:

    I hate when people over talk Lindsey, when Lindsey speaks you better shut up, he’s the one with information no one knows about

  3. Cupcake1001 says:

    I stand corrected. When the FRN’s are phased out, copious money printing without the assets to back them up will be difficult. This reset is intended to bring back a level of sanity to the global financial system and a fairer distribution of wealth and from my research, not just an elite strategy to bring in the NWO. The western central banks will no longer be able to export inflation through QE programmes and cause havoc in emerging markets.

  4. cupcake1001 says:

    Federal Reserve Notes will be swapped out for Treasury Notes. TN’s will be gold backed which will prevent the Fed from printing money at will.
    The word is that the Elite are increasingly being cornered. Already, a large percentage of them (80%) have been neutralised.

    • Y Diddy says:

      How does backing Treasurys with gold affect how much money the Fed prints? The Fed and the Treasury are completely separate entities and the Federal Reserve does not own gold.

      • ??? says:

        He clearly said the federal reserve notes will be swapped for us treasury notes, meaning federal reserve will loose control.

        While it sounds nice, it’s total fiction and dream like lala land in my opinion, since it’s not backed by any evidence or facts, and sounds way to good to be true. I’ve heard the white knights and the white hats this and that, gonna kill the fed but I say bull, since no facts or evidence presented.


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