Do Not Post DVD ‘Global Currency Reset’ On The Internet

From Lindsey Williams - Global Currency Reset - New DVD

The DVD ‘Global Currency Reset‘ must not be posted on the Internet. The opening titles of the DVD state clearly:


It also states ‘Certain individuals have taken great risks to get you this information. This DVD is not copywritten. Please copy it and give to your friends and family'. This means please share the DVD, copy the DVD and give it to friends and family, it doesn't mean upload it to the Internet or YouTube.

I have personally contacted several YouTube channel owners who have uploaded the DVD to their channels and requested they remove it. They have happily and promptly complied to the request. We also thank them for their support in this matter. However, others have not complied to Pastor Williams' wishes.

The reason behind the request to remove the video has been told to me by Pastor Williams, he says:

‘There may be repercussions in the future. I may not be able to do future videos. My friend does not seem to like this information on YouTube. As you know – About four years ago I was threatened and had to shut down for a while. If people only could understand – But they don't seem to. They will be the losers because I will not be able to give them information.'

After courteously asking one YouTube channel owner to remove the DVD from their channel, they responded demanding to speak with Pastor Williams before removing it and completely ignored the reason behind the request for the video's removal. They were even monetizing the video with advertising and linking to a silver pyramid scheme website. Another YouTube channel had only one video, the Global Currency Reset DVD. They never responded when I politely asked them to remove the DVD from their channel. That one also had advertising on it. This means these YouTube channel owners are not only not adhering to Pastor Williams' wishes, but they are also profiting from Pastor Williams' work.

Please understand that mass distribution of this information has serious repercussions…

Pastor Williams has told me again ‘If this one individual continues to insist on keeping it up and I get my hand called – It will only mean that future information may be limited. This would be sad for both me and everyone else.'

This is the ONLY DVD Pastor Williams has requested not be shared on the Internet or on YouTube.

Pastor Williams has requested that the DVD in its entirety not be uploaded to the Internet. However, he has no problems with anyone creating videos themselves discussing the ‘Global Currency Reset', or those deriving clips from the DVD for educational purposes alongside their own personal commentary in a video made by themselves, so long as the majority of the video is not lifted straight from the DVD. Chaplain Williams also has no issue with anyone copying the physical DVD and passing it to friends or family.

I trust everyone will respect the wishes of Pastor Williams and not upload the ‘Global Currency Reset‘ to the Internet. I have contacted all YouTube channel owners who have uploaded the video and requested they remove it as soon as possible. I have contacted YouTube directly to disable the videos who's channel owners have not complied to the removal request.

This is very important issue and had to be addressed publicly so that everyone understands the reasons for the video being removed from the Internet, as well as what may happen if our requests fall on deaf ears.


James Harkin
On behalf of


17 Responses to “Do Not Post DVD ‘Global Currency Reset’ On The Internet”

  1. Monique Jazzlady says:



    (ED: You can buy the DVD here: thanks.)

  2. PlatinumPi4u says:

    Plus the ft, zerohedge, and others have currency reset on heir front pages now, along with china banks (HSBC) facing flights

  3. PlatinumPi4u says:

    Shit is speeding up fast. Elite are in Davos and leaks are leaking. Looks like Feb 9-11 will be key, however on the 24 the insiders dumped, so we watching for this Monday tomorrow to be very crazy, on thru the February dates. Long the Vietnam dong, get the dinar in physical with receipts, God will give us the peanut butter and jelly, but you have to make the sandwich.

  4. Anna8 says:

    Thank you Lindsey, but I am sorry I do not have money to buy information that will help my family, I do not understand why we have to pay for what you believe God is using you for to help His people.

  5. Sean says:

    Can Mr. Williams please give us a update. The IMF have been very vocal this new year. They seem to be coming out with a Paper every week, and CL is speaking at various event

    Thanks kindly

  6. Jimm Motyka says:

    I’ve been dovetailing LW’s info with that of the White Hats. Neither contradicts each other, which is why I’m including their latest info. I’m in 100% agreement that, when this all occurs, it will be on a weekend. I would be interested in LW’s thoughts on the White Hats.

    • singwin says:

      Hi Jimm,
      It looks like LW and WHA are saying the same thing. I’ve been listening for LW for years but never heard of WHA. Can you tell me more about his story and how’s his track record. thanks

      • Jimm Motyka says:

        I am reading their info, but am cautious about them. They speak with new age-like ideas, which I tend to disagree with. Overall, their info regarding the GCR does seem to dovetail into LW’s info. Like you, I have been following LW’s info for a number of years.

  7. john says:

    Can Pastor Williams give us an UPDATE its been a while?

  8. David says:

    IMF paper warns of ‘savings tax’ and mass write-offs as West’s debt hits 200-year high

    Much of the Western world will require defaults, a savings tax and higher inflation to clear the way for recovery as debt levels reach a 200-year high, according to a new report by the International Monetary Fund.

  9. David says:

    I hope the damage is not already done. The videos seem to be down.

  10. Voula says:

    If people will not respect your request and your wishes, instead of cutting all of us out of the information loop in the future, I propose that you consider sending emails of new information to the people who take this information seriously and to heart. I am one of those and I do wish to continue receiving your information in whatever form you need to send it in order to protect yourself and your family.

    • Marathonman says:

      Totally agree with you. People who are not appreciative of LW’s request should get out of this forum find infos elsewhere. Stop justifying yourself while getting free infos. Two wrongs don’t make one right. Only arrogant and selfish people behave this way.

  11. faith smith says:

    That is right. Paster Lindsey Williams stressed on the DVD the fact that “Do not post it on internet”. Please people, you only do yourself a disservice if you don’t take this request seriously. This kind man is here to help you, and please respect his request.

    • Rainspek says:

      Where is the proof that the non-compliant one’s posting this DVD to the internet are not the one’s who are providing the “plans of the elite” to Lindsey in the first place?

      This particular info restriction may just be a fabricated excuse to limit any further contact with the public and provide a plausible scenario for those wondering why Lindsey doesn’t post as much information anymore.

      The point being remain open to Truth when others and or the idea of society you may want to believe is only conjecture or an assumption.


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