The Elite have just told Chaplain Williams everything he has wanted to know for months. Answers – Finally. This information will be made available to you. Please be sure that we know how to contact you by email. Watch for future ANNOUNCEMENTS.



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  1. Laurence says:

    If our fate is already written down inthe book of life there would be no point to our existance remember we can change history and therefore the future because God gave us FREE WILL thats how all of it armegeddon does not have to happen we have to shine the light of truth on everything,for example when ms.shultz had to resign right before the convention started and all the media wanted to focus on is bad russia i say thank you russia for exspsing the truth thats what we should focus on the content not the people that exsposes the truth what we do in the name of security is sickening to me,remeber what Fraklin said if you give up your rights for security and safety youll have niether im parafasing but you all ought to get the point stop acting like sheep you have free will if you see something is wrong speak up your as sick as you are secretremember tyranny happens when good men do nothing

  2. Kat says:

    CERN? All Bibles Have Been Altered

    Passages in every bible, whether online or in print, have been altered, worldwide and in every language. Whether it’s CERN or other spiritual forces, your own bible is no longer the infallible word of God. Christ warned us of days like this, and David said we should write the word on our hearts. Everything just changed.

    Welcome to The Mandela Effect

    DEFINITION: “The phenomenon where a group of people discover that a global fact – one they feel they know to be true and have specific personal memories for – has apparently changed in the world around them.”

    NOTE: Given nature of the effect, ‘evidence’ inevitably takes the form of shared personal memories; physical evidence of the previously remembered state is unavailable. If such evidence is discovered, that’s proof of an alternative explanation.

  3. Kat says:

    Shocking Illuminati Sacrifice Ritual – Opening of Worlds Largest Tunnel near CERN

    This Video Will Shock You And Showing You Behind The Rulers Of The Darkness Of This World! Video By Pastor D (End Times News Ministry)

    The Opening Ceremony of the World’s Largest Tunnel Was a Bizarre Occult Ritual

    • Sushine says:

      “Mandela effect” has been busted (read Jim Stone’s site). Mandela effect is real but it’s a psy op that involved artificial intelligence (AI) re-writing “reality” on the web. Mandela effect is not the result of us living in AI simulation, not it is a result of us jumping into paralel universes. It has nothing to do with CERN.

  4. Marguerite says:

    World parliament site:

    (EDITOR: I believe that is a private organisation. Its powers are limited on the world stage since all world government legislation will come out of the UN. However, I say good luck to the organisation because if they can gather a large number of people from around the world to support their ideas then they can initiate change.)

  5. Marguerite says:

    1987 Larry King interview with Donald Trump:

  6. ann says:

    so if this cashless society is upon us as it seems it is–where do precious metals come in??

  7. Marguerite says:

    Commentary just released by V Guerilla:

    Main point he expresses is that if Donald Trump wins the presidential race the U.S. can expect a softer landing when the anticipated economic system goes down.

  8. rt says:

    It seems to me that Trump is the preferred candidate lately. Very little is being done to stop him. We were told that everything would be done to stop him from becoming president because he was not with the NWO crowd and I just do not see that. He has done more to hurt himself by saying stupid things than anybody else has done to him. It just makes me wonder what is really going on?

    I predict he selects a very liberal running mate and there is an outside chance he selects a democrat or at least a former democrat. Maybe Michael Bloomberg? I think he is going to start moving left for sure now that he is the nominee.

  9. Marguerite says:

    This election campaign is powerful. Donald Trump is dropping truth bombs. He says the elections have been ‘rigged’. I’ve never heard a politician anywhere in the world make such a statement. 1:00:00 mark:

  10. Mark says:

    Here’s a foreign policy speech from Trump. It is the most anti-Globalist, peace promoting speech I have ever heard from an American politician. I don’t know if Trump is the real deal, but My God for the first time in a long while I actually feel hopeful.

    • Marguerite says:


      Agree. My views have been that the world was doomed onto the elite’s destructive NWO path with no power to turn things around. Donald Trump is a light in the dark and if he gets in to do what he promises I believe not only the U.S. but the entire world will make a U-turn towards good. However the risk is – will he be threatened and hampered? If he succeeds in instigating the good he intends, I really feel it would be the Almighty Lord’s hand upon him.

      • am says:

        Don’t be fooled, Trump is part of the NWO agenda and he is playing his role beautifully!There will be many more truths that will emerge this year whether it be from Trumps mouth or other puppets (including an interesting ET agenda about to play out!), it’s all part of the plan for the world to turn on each other (race v race, wealthy v poor etc etc) so they can bring in the NWO as the solution to the global chaos and wealth imbalance.

  11. Marguerite says:

    Trump shooting down Cruz…

    He states Cruz wants TPP which is a NWO agenda item.

    Being in favor with any of the NWO’s plans doesn’t demonstrate a genuine alignment to Christianity (in my view).

    Trump’s barraging statements on Cruz start at 14:00 mark:

  12. Marguerite says:

    Bill Holter reminder of Comex’s very low holdings of physical silver (32 million oz – 8 days production).

    All that’s needed is for an entity to demand physical delivery which is a domino to bring the entire system down. He thinks China is the one that could demand delivery and says this moment may happen any day. He even says there’s a 50-50 chance there’ll be no election if the system breaks:

  13. srknox says:

    Fact check USA readies itself for gold backed currency with issue of gold US dimes, quarters, half dollars, reports the federal, coin world. April 6, 2016, publication date.

  14. srk says:

    Must read blog. Steve Quayle alerts section. Islam is a religious weapon of mass destruction says analyst. No truer words spoken of late. Read more at, alerts, watch for more.


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